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1.Complementary function of : d2 dy +9y = 2e* dx is (A) (C+Czx) er3x (B) Cxe-3x (C) (C+ C,) e (D) C2xex 2 Particular integral of (D - 4)y = sin 2x is equal to (A)sin 2x 4 (B)sin x 8 2x (D) Sin 2x 3. For the differential equationf(D) = e when f(m) = 0, the P. I. is given by: (A) e 1 (B) SD+m) S(D + m) 1 (C)f) 1 (D)e f(m) 4. One of the uses of the centre of mass or centroid is as in the moment of inertia is that the net force acts at the .... of the loading body. (A) Centroid (B) The centre axis (C) The corner (D) The base 1 5 The moment of inertia of a thin spherical shell is: M4 (A) 2 (B) M-2 (C)Mr2 3 (D)Mr2
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