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1)If f'(x) exists in some deleted nbd of x₀ in [a,b] and lim x-->x₀⁻≠limx-->x₀⁺ then f(x) cannot be differentiable 2)f:[a,b]-->R be differentiable on [a,b] then the derived function f' cannot have a jump discontinuity on [a,b] What is difference between above statements ?
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  • Ankur Rao thankyou
    feel free to ask if you have any question.
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  • Krishna shukla
    yeah these are results of Darboux theorem and these are complete im asking difference between these two questions
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    Ankur Rao
    these are same 1st is mathematics form of 2nd statement.
  • Ankur Rao
    for 1st point we can see function will not be continuous so it will not be differentiable also.
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  • Ankur Rao
    i think your question is not complete , please upload image of your question.
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