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1 nas iniiilte no. OT imit poinis. Theorem Every limit point of the range set of a sequence is limit point of a sequence. Solution: Let S be range set of sequence {a.). i.e Let oa e S for e>0 range of fa, S (a E, a+ E) N S{a} has infinite no. of points Let q e (a - e, a + 6) N Sla qe (a- E, a+ e) and q e S qeS q a, for some k eN AS 01,0 1m So a, e (a - 8, a + 8) Tence, (a - 8, a + 6) Contains infinite no. of terms of sequenceorIt Proved a is limit point of sequence (a,) Remark A real no is a limit noint of sequence it appears in the sequence infinite many times
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    It should be noted that every limit point l of the range set R{u} of a sequence u is also a limit point of the sequence u , because every neighborhood of l contains infinitely many...
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