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1. set n of natural numbers is a) a nbd of all its poirnts b) not a nbd of any of its points c) a nbd of glb only d) none of these. 2. a real number xo is such

1. Set N of natural numbers is a) A nbd of all its poirnts b) Not a nbd of any of its points c) A nbd of glb only d) None of these. 2. A real number Xo iS such that the set AC Rif every nbd of Xg contains intinitely many points of A, then Xg is called: g.l.b b) 1.u.b climiting point d none or these 3. Limit point of the set A of rational numbers of the form n / (n+1) where n eN is: a) b) 1 d) 4. If the supremum of the set is a limiting point of the set then it: a) does not belong to the set b) belongs to the set c) may or may not belongs to the set d) none of these 5. Number of limit points in every infinite bounded set S a) 0 b) infinite c) only 1 d) atleast 6. The set of all the limit points of a set A is known as a limiting set bJderived set c)open set d) closed set .Derived set of the set Q of all rational numbers I b) N C)R please help me

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