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1. The probability of occurance of two independent events is equal to of their probabilities. -(2013, 2019) a) Sum b) product c) difference d) ratio 2. Constraints imposed on a system a) decreases number of inaccessible microstates. b) have no effect c)increase the number of inaccessible microstates. d) neither decreases nor increases the number of inaccessible microststes 3. The principle of equipartition of energy states that the mean energy associated with each ariable IS ) 3KT 2kT ) T 4. Systems having same volume and chemical potential is called a) Grand Canonical ensemble b) Micro-canonical ensemble c) Canonical ensemble d) both (a) and (b)
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    the answer of question 4 is canonical and microcanonical ensemble
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    kindly find your answer attached below
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