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1) The real continuous functions f and g defined on R commute that is f(gx)) = g(f)) for x E R and if the equation f2(x) = g2(x) has a solution then a) f(x) = g(x) also has a solution [b) f(x) = g(x) also has a solution (c) f(x) =g(x) may or may not have a solution (d) None of these
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  • Pranshu
    check attachment what you are satisfied with the solution ?
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  • Vaishnavi mishra
    ×2= ×4 kaise equal hoga plz explain
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    Navdeep goyal 1
  • Pranshu
    Navdeep sir can my answer is also right ?
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  • Navdeep goyal 1 thankyou
    f(x)=x, g(x) =x² fog(x)= x² and gof(x) =x² fog=gof f²(x)=x g²(x)=x⁴ x²=x⁴ has a solution f(x)=g(x)=>x=x² has also solution
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  • Pranshu Best Answer
    by the graph of f(x)=e^x and g(x)=logx f(x)=g(x) has a solution
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    Vaishnavi mishra
    plz explain by the graph
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