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1. Which of the following minerals shows luminescence when exposed to UV rays? l point a) Cassiterite b) Wolframite c) Tantalite d) Scheelite 2. The Weiss symbol for a crystal is Ha : 2b: c. What are values of (hEl) in the corresponding Miller Indices? 1 point 3. Match the twO groupss 1 point Group I P. Labradorite Q. Actinolite Group II 1. High Specific Gravity 2. Play of Colour 3. Acicular Habit S. Barite a) P-4. Q-1. S-3 b) P-4. Q-1. S-2 c)P-2. Q-3, S-1 d) P-2. Q-3. S-4 4. The absolute difference of two in the Moh's hardness values of minerals among the ones listed Apatite. Corundum. Gypsum Talc Topaz is l point 5. The hardest mineral except diamond. in the Moh's Scale of hardness is l points a) an oxide
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  • Saurabh shukla thankyou
    For Q5---> The hardest mineral except diamond (Mohs Hardness=10) is Corundum (Mohs Hardness=9), which is an Aluminum oxide(Al2O3)....
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  • Saurabh shukla Best Answer
    Please go through the attachment.... Also Q. 4 seems incomplete to me.. do check it once please..
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