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1. Write a program to evaluate (x log 2x + sin 2x)dx by trapezoidal rule taking 140 subintervals. 2. Write a program to find the value of y(0.1) from the differential equation dy y(0.1) = 1. dx 3. Write a program to find the sum of the following series 1+ 310050 4. Write a program to find a root of the equation x-2.x-1=0by bisection method. 5. Write a program to solve the equation 2x-sin x-1 0 using fixed point teration method. 6. Write a program to find a real root of r +3x-1=0 by Newton-Raphosn method. 7. Write a program to compute 12 sin x dr by using Simpson'snle with 200 sub intervals. 8. Evaluate the integral dx by weddle's rule by taking 120 sub-intervals. J04 Sin X 9. Given y 3x+y, y(1)=1.2, h=0.1. Find y(1.8) R-K method of four order. 10. Write a program to find a root of the equation xsin x-1= 0 by secant method. 11. Using iterative formula to compute 125. Correct to five significant digits.
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  • Sonu saini thankyou
    replace y(i) = -x(i)log2x(i)+sin2x(i) a=3 ,b=12, n=140
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  • Somnath Jana
    it's practical problem.I am not able to solve these
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  • Somnath Jana
    give me program of any one question
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