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10. 7 moles of a tetra-atomic non-linear gas A" at 10 atm and T K are mixed with 6 moles of another gas B at K and 5 atm in a dlosed, rigid vessel without energy transfer with suroundings. If final temperature of mixnure wasK, then gas Bis? (Assuming all modes of energy are active) (a) monoatomic (b) diatomic (c) triatomic (d) tetra atomic 11. Three closed rigid vessels, A, B and C without energy transfer with surroundings, which initially contain three different gases at different temperatures are connected by rube of negligible volume. The vessel A contain 2 mole Ne gas, at 300 K, vessel 'B contain 2 mole So gas at 400 K and vessel 'C' contain 3 mole CO2 gas at temperature 500 K. What is the final pressure (in atm) attained by gases when all valves of connecting three vessels are opened and additsional 15.6 kcal heat supplied to vessel through valve. The volume of A, B and C vessel is 2, 2 and 3 litre respectively CO
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