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10. The Ames Test In a nutrient medium that lacks histi dine, a thin layer of agar Containing 10 Salmonella ty- phimurium histidine auxotrophs (mutant cells that require histidine to survive) produces ~13 colonies over a twO-day incubation period at 37 °C (see Fig. 25-19). How do these colonies arise in the absence of histidine? The experimernt is repeated in the presence of 0.4 ug of 2-aminoanthracene. The number of colonies produced over two days exceeds 10,000. What does this indicate about 2-aminoanthracene? What can you surmise about its carcinogenicity? lant oolle
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    Answer 1: The presence of 13 colonies from 10^9 inoculated cells can be explained by spontaneous mutations (natural revertants were generated that could again encode the enzyme nee...
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