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105. Consider two identical, finite, isolated systems of co heat capacity C at temperatures 7, and T,.(T>T engine works between them until their tempera Ans. 10 age TJ.N become equal. Taking into account that the tempexat the w performed by the engine will be maximum (=W max the process is reversible (equivalently, the ent c he ento change of the entire system is zero), the value of W IS. (a) C(T-T) (b) C(7-7)/2 (c) CT+T-TT sobi (d) C7-VT) dJAM PH-2
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    see attached
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  • Amrutha t
    option given to be D
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    Ruby negi
    okay, I'll check
  • Ruby negi
    entropy zero because process is reversible (it is given in the question )
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  • Amrutha t
    thank sir
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