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11. 70 calories of heat are required to taise the temperature of 2 moles of an ideal gas at constant pressure from 30 C to 35°C. The amount of heat required in calories to raise the temperature of same gas through the same range (30°C to 35°C) at constant volume is (a) 30 (c) 70 (b) 50 (d) 90
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    understood ??
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  • Anshum Sharma thankyou
    There is another method in which you know that Cp - Cv = R ...... Cv = Cp - R we calculate Cp above which is 7 cal/mol/k and we know that the value of R for an ideal gas is equa...
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  • Anshum Sharma
    Here is the detailed solution option (b) is correct
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    Pradeep jogsan 1
    why you assume diatomic gas???
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