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11. Given that f (-1,2)J, e1,-2) 0, f (-1, -2)--6 and fe (-1, -2) f1,2)- 1,-2)=72. Then the function fhas at 1,-2) (A) minimum (B) maximum (C) Both maximum and minimum (D) None of these 12. The series Cos (78)) p>1is. (A) unifomly convergent (B) pointwise convergent (C) divergent (D) None of these 13. If f exists in a certain neighbourhood of a point (a. b) and f is continuous at (a, b), then by Schwarz's theoremfy (a, b) exists and (A) a, b) =-f, (a, b) (B) (a,b) = (a, b) (C) (a,b)+ Ja(a,b) (D) None of these 14. Find 2.xy lim Gy)--(0,0) x +y' (A) 0 (B) co (C) 1 (D) Does not exist 15. 1If is a sequence of continuous functions on an interval [a, b] and if f,> uniformly on [a, b, then fis... on la, b]. (B) unbounded (A) discontiuous (D) None of these (C) continuous (5)
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