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cd Ca2 ion has noble gas configuration while Cd-10n has pseudo noble gas configuration with 18 electrons in its outer shell 12.n which of the following the central atom does not use sp°-hybrid orbitals in its bonding. (6) OH (c) NH (d) NH (a) BeF 13. In an octahedral structure, the pair of d-orbitals involyed in d sp hybridisation is (a) d d2 (b) dd (c) d2,d (d) dy dy
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    13 option A sp3d2 or d2sp3 are hybridisation for the octahedral geometry. In octahedron, the bonds are formed parallel to the x, y, and z-axes, hence dx2-dy2 and dz2 will be used t...
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    12 option a is correct Bef3- is sp2 hybridized as it forms three sigma bonds with fluorine atom
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