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126 Consider the reactio CL,(aq)-H,SS()+2H (aq.)+2C1 (aq) The rate equation for this reaction is Rate k[Ch]H,S] Which of these mechanism is/are consistent with this rate equation? Cl,+H,SH+C+CI +HS (slow) CI+HS H+C +S (fast) B. H.SH +HS (fast) CL, +HS 2C1 +H+S (slow) (a) Neither A nor B (b) A only (c) B only (d) Both A and B. Please Explain aur provide some notes to read for this kinds of problems
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    thank you 🙏
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    The rate equation depends upon the rate determining step. The given rate equation is only consistent with the mechanism A. Option B is correct
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