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  • Mathematics (MA)

13. the table below bives the number of students in a given age range who commensed a bachelor's degree at the university of sydney in 1997. the age is given in

13. The table below Bives the number of students in a given age range who commensed a Bachelor's degree at the University of Sydney in 1997. The age is given in whole years and 5o, the range 20-24 includes those students who have had their twentieth bithday, and those who are 24 but have not yet turned 25. Thus, the class interval 20-24 is a 5 year interval, Note also that the "Under 20 and "45 and over classes are open ended. Decide on a reasonable lower end point and upper end point respectively and use them to draw a histogram tor these data. Age in years Frequency Under 20 5267 20-24 1758 25-29 528 30-34 262 35-39 192 | 40-44 102 45 and over 130

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