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14. trills pattern is developed in an area which is characterised by (a) rocks affected by parallel faults (b) horizontal sedimentary rocks (c) rocks having dom

14. Trills pattern is developed in an area which is characterised by (A) Rocks affected by parallel faults (B) Horizontal sedimentary rocks (C) Rocks having domal structure (D) Rocks with joints intersecting at acute angle

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    Here the "trellis" is mispronounced. It should be (C). Talking about other options, Option A-- deals with the parallel drainage pattern which usually forms under the parallel topography and in the presence of steep slopes with some short of vegetation. Option B-- deals with the Dendritic drainage pattern forms usually in case of horizontal and homogenous topography. Option D-- deals with the angular drainage pattern where joints intersects at some angles other than right angle (if someone has observed that they were found intersecting at right angles, then surely without any doubt you can say it's rectangular drainage pattern), but in angular they intersect at acute angles. Trellis drainage pattern is usually attributed to some folded and titled topography like that of positive relief features with soft and hard sediment alternating sequence.


    sir kindly answe my question!!!!! about structural that I posted yesterday


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