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15, A nucleic acid sample has 20% A residues and 20% G. The proportion of T residues is b. 30%% . 20% NU d. information incomplete . S0% 27
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  • Santosh behera
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    Santosh behera
    exam Kya huaa madam or Keshi tha 🌺
  • Suryaprakash Tripathy thankyou
    Here we don't know whether this sample is DNA or RNA....hence we can't apply Chargaff rule here... Hence Option D is correct.
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  • Rani verma
    chargaff rule: sum of purines = sum of pyrimidine, A+G=T+C, from this T=30%
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  • Rani verma
    A+G=T+C , from this we get T=30%
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  • Abhishek tyagi
    A+G+T+C = 100%
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    Manita raina
    yes. d is correct. can you please also give explanation for this?
  • Abhishek tyagi
    Option D is correct
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