Ram Prasath posted an Question
September 16, 2021 • 22:20 pm 30 points
  • Physics (PH)

15. mech. please someone explain this problem briefly?

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  • Isha lohan 1 Best Answer

    To find velocity centre of mass, we first take x components of velocities of all masses and do the summation[as in formula given in fig below], as given in first line of your solution, the '2ucos60' is the x component of velocity of mass 2m. Similarly for mass 3m, the x component is 'ucos60'. Then take y components of all velocities and do the summation similarly as for x same as for y. As it is in the second step. In second step, it should be written, U(cm) j cap, the i cap written is mis printed. Then the final velocity is the combination of i cap and j cap terms of U(cm). The formula for velocity of centre of mass is given in attached figure.


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