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17. (From the GRE Practice Exam)* Letp and q be distinct primes. Suppose that H is a proper subset of the integers that is a group un- der addition that contains exactly three elements of the set {p, pq. pq. p', q'}. Determine which of the following are the three elements in H. a. pq, p', q" b. pt 4. pq. P" C. p.p tq, pq d. p.p'.t e. p, pg, p" 2
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    Option E...check it with taking p=2 and q=3 then infer the result
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    options E The additive subgroups of Z are all of the form {kn:k∈Z} for an integer n. In other words H consists of all multiples of some integer n. Here n can't be 1 or −1since i...
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