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18. Given below is a figure showing three X-ray diffraction patterns for (a) a 60 70 8 Diltractlon Angle| 261 117/M/112,M BLOCK, KAKADEO KANPUR NAGAR UTTAR PRADESH CONTACT NO. 7880546666, 7380546666 (along with lattice planes) and (b) nanoparticles of gold that were synthesized in a research lab. These were deposited on the same flat polymeric substrate and (C) 1s a blank polymeric substance. Which of the following statements is true regarding structural-quality of the gold nanoparticles that have been synthesized? (a) The gold nanoparticles that have been synthesized are amorphous in natural and not crystalline. As such they do not belong to the FCC lattice. (b) There are many impurities present in the sample containing gold nanoparticles. (c) Insufficient information is given to make a conclusive statement (d) None of the above.
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    Diffraction pattern corresponding to (111),(200),(220),(311) corresponding to the FCC structure of the gold nanoparticles...As in the third graph that is in (c) there is nearly fl...
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