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18. In a vein body comprising 'galena pyrite - sphalerite - quartz', which is/are the gangue mineral(s))? A. Quartz and pyrite B. Sphalerite and quartz C. Galena and sphalerite D. Only quartz (DU-2015) IIT JAM GG USP (1-15) 2019 One degree of latitude equals. seconds.
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  • Rahul kumar
    option-C can not be an answer because both Galena and sphalerite are ore minerals. If c is the given Answer then that option is wrong.
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    Answer (A) Quartz and Pyrite Quartz and Pyrite commonly occur as the gangue minerals in any ore body. Quartz is a type of silicate gangue mineral and Pyrite is a type of sulfide g...
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    Gurmeet singh
    thankyou sir i am satisfied with ur comment but FeS2 ( pyrite) should not be as gangue as we can extract sulphur from it.
  • Gurmeet singh
    sir i thought as qtz as answer but c option given ans.
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