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  • Chemistry (CY)

18. the compound whose 0.1 m solution is acidic [pk of hcooh =3.75, pk, of nh,oh= 4.74 (a) ammonium formate ()ammonium chloride 19. formic acid is a weak acid a

18. The compound whose 0.1 M solution is acidic [pK of HCoOH =3.75, pk, of NH,OH= 4.74 (a) Ammonium formate ()Ammonium chloride 19. Formic acid is a weak acid and hydrochloric acid is a strong acid. It follows that th (a) [OH] of 0.01 M HCI (aq.) will be less than that of 0.01 M HCOOH (aq.) (b) solution containing 0.1 M NaOH (aq.) and 0.1 M HCOONa (aq.) is a buffer so cpH of 107 M HCI (aq.) will be approximately 7 at 25°C (d) pH of a solution formed by mixing equimolar quantities of HCOOH and HCl w than that of a similar solution formed from HCOOH and HCOONa (b) Ammonium sulphate (d) Sodium formate

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