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2. two gases A and B have critical temperature 600 K and 500 K respectively, which will liquety first? What is the value of total KE of 0.5 mol of an ideal gas at 273K . 1702J Which of the following curves shows a linear variation (slope either +ve or -ve.)? s1/V 3. D. 2053 d. 1930 1803J 4. b. log Pv/s log V c.P/V v/s 1/V2 d.PV v/s V
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    Gases Which have low critical temperature will be liquified easily that mean Gas B will be lequified first because molecules have too much kinetic energy to hold the intermolcular ...
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  • Priyanshu kumar thankyou
    yes wait dear
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    Priyanshu kumar
    Gas can be easily liquefied. Because higher critical temperature, greater is the inter molecular force of attraction
  • Rahul
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    Imdadul haque
    No 2 is B
  • Rahul
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    Imdadul haque
    No Your Ans is wrong . The ans should be a,b,c
  • Rahul
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