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20. Consider the linear differential equation 0)+34y)+2y=sin xrefo,i) Then the set of solutions of the above equation (a.) Is a linear space of infinite dimension (b.) Is a linear space of dimension 3 (c.) Is not a linear space (d.) Is a linear space of dimension less than 3
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  • Deepak patra
    sir can't i think in this way .. that if x1€[0,1] and x2€ [0,1] .. then x1+ x2 may or may not belongs to [0,1] .... so not vector space???
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    Navdeep goyal 1
    no bcz sum of two Sol is also solution
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    C set of non linear solution bcz it's the contain sinx so perticular sol contain sinx or cosx not closed for scalar multipiction
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    Deepak patra
    sir if in case there is 0 instead of sinx ... then it is vector space or not???
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