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21. Let p and q be distinct primes and let G and H be two groups such that o(G)=p and o(H) = q. The number of distinct homomorphims from Gto H is/are (A) 1 (B) p-1 (C) (D) p
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  • Malik
    option A is correct (since order of two groups is prime so cyclic and we know no. of homo from Zn to Zm is gcd(n, m) ( gcd b/w prime is always 1 so option A is correct)
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  • Navdeep goyal 1 Best Answer
    GCD(p,q)=1 bcz p and q are prime
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  • Chudamani Satnami
    1 is the answer
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  • Chudamani Satnami thankyou
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