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November 26, 2020 • 15:03 pm 30 points
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21. the number of elements in any two bases of a fdvs are (a) even in numbers (b) odd in numbers (c) equal in numbers (d) none of these

21. The number of elements in any two bases of a FDVS are (A) Even in numbers (B) Odd in numbers (C) Equal in numbers (D) None of these

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    Deepak singh 1 best-answer

    option c is correct Any two bases of finitely generated vector space have same cardinality . because cardinality of basis is dimension of vector space and we know dimension is always unique , So if we take any two bases will have same cardinality .. for more detailed proof , go through this link

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    Satpal singh best-answer

    see this video thoroughly you will get your answer


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