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21. The ratio of the inertia force to the viscous force is called: (A) Reynolds' number (B) Froude's number (C) Weber's number (D) Euler's number 22. Viscosity of water in comparison to mercury 1s (A) Higher (B) Lower (C) Same (D) Higher/lower depending on temperature 23. A fluid which obeys the Newton's law of viscosity is termed as (A) Real fluid (B) Ideal fluid (C) Newtonian fluid (D) Non-Newtonian fluid 24. A point in a compressible flow where the velocity of fluid is zero, is called : (A) Critical point (B) Vena contracta (C) Stagnation point (D) None of these 25. The critical depth meter is used to measure (A) Velocity of flow in an open channel (B) Depth of flow in an open channel (C) Hydraulic jump (D) Depth of channel
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    answer 21 A. 22 B. 23 C .24 C .25 A
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