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224. In the given geologic map, the horizontal lines are stratum contours. The throw on the fault (F-F) is.. . .. meters. Shale Sandstone Siltstone F Shale eae caneenvaseoe 400m 2001 Sandstone A. 400 C. 123 B. 120 D. 140 (IIT JAM-2016) . I cannot understand the description given in Solved study material. please elaborate it.
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  • Sajan sarthak sahoo
    800 -400= 400 continuously follow the strike lines of lower bed from 200 to 800 and it's exactly coinciding with 400 stike line of lower outcrop of same bed contact so it's hav...
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    Raunak Mitra
    Sir I cannot understand it.
  • Mohd Imran Best Answer
    The answer will be A i.e., 400. As we can see in the fig that strike line are plotted. if we see the upper boundary of black bed, we can count the strike line from 200, 300 and so ...
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    Raunak Mitra
    Sir I can't understand it properly. Can you please draw and show the answer