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24. Let A be a set andp EA butp is not a limit point of , then p is called: ) interior point b) isolated point C) neighborhood d) none of these 25. Every closed interval of R is a) perfect b) compact c)bounded d) none of these 26. Let X be a metric space. If every open cover of A has finite sub-cover, then A is said to be: a) complete losed c) compact d) bounded 27. Every compact subset of a metric space is: ) complete D open c bounded d) none of these 28. If every Cauchy sequence in a metric space X converges to a point in X, then the metric space is caned a) compact ) plete c) closed d) none of these 29. Let (K, d) be a complete metric space and Y be a sub-space of X. Then Y is complete if it is: ) bounded open c closed d) none of these 30. Let A be any subsetof a metric space(X, d) ,then A Is a [A is a closure of A] )open s b) closed s et c) bounded set d) none of these please any can. tell mek the answer only
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    correct option of 24 is b correct option of 25 are b and c correct option of 27 is a correct option of 30 is b correct option of 29 is c correct option of 28 is b correct option of...
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