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25. The Maxwell-Boltzman distribution for molecular speed is shown in the following figure. f(u)| W L u In the figure, H is the highest of the peak, L. is the location of the maximum & W is the width at half height as the temperature is decreased. 26. For the given Maxwell curve at three different temperatures 300 K, 600 K, 900 K respectively for a particular gas. 00 900 Select the correct statement a. The area under the curve at 900 Kis less than that at 600 K b. The area under thne three curves is Salne . the total traction occupied by the gas atthese three temperature is same. d. the maximum fraction occupied by the gas at these temperature is same. 27. Consider the given curve ( The correct relationship among Ti & T2 is: b. Ta> Ti a. Ta« T C.Ti 12 d.Can't be predicted. (1) The area abcd represents. . Number of molecules having speed between a and b . Fraction of molecules having speed between a andb. . Number of molecules having speed less than Ump d. Fraction of molecules having speed less than Ump
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    check all previous pending questions
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    For ques 26 option B is correct
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    Priyanshu kumar
    As area under the curves doesn't changes with change in temperature
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    for ques 27 image is clearly not visible..... bdw check this 👇
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    Priyanshu kumar
    can you again send here ques no 27
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