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26. In anorthosite, the feldspar dominantly present 1s A Anorthite B. Labradorite D. Microc line C. Sandine 47. The strongly pleochroic mineral is: A. Quartz C. Orthoclase B. Hornblende D. Muscovite
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  • Sajan sarthak thankyou
    26.Anorthosite is having greater than 90 percentage Calcic plagioclase. In moon 🌝 the major rock is Anorthosite. so Anorthite definitely 47.Hornblende strongly pleochroic.
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  • Rahul kumar Best Answer
    Q26: Anorthite Anorthite is the dominant plagioclase feldspar in Anorthosite rock. Q47: Hornblende Hornblende is strongly Pleochroic mineral. Hornblende shows light green to dark...
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  • Saurabh 1
    26) Anorthosite is a typical monomineralic rock composed of around 90% anorthitic plagioclase or rich in labradorite.... 27)It has to B... Hornblende occur in different shades whe...
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    Saurabh 1
    Dear Gurmeet, kindly mark this answer if it is correct.... Thanks..
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