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26 Solution of complex [Co(NH,),1, [Co(H,O)J*, [CoCL]are coloured one is pink, another is yellow and third is blue. Assign proper colour. (a) Yellow, Pink, Blue (b) Yellow, Blue, Pink (c) Pink, Yellow, Blue (d) Blue, Pink, Yellow 127. Comnlex ITiH O 3#akoaehn
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  • Priyanshu kumar thankyou
    option A is correct Explanation:- Ligand strength order is Nh3>H2O>Cl Strong-field ligands cause a large split in the energies of d orbitals of the central metal atom and tran...
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  • Arka ghosh
    i think option a. As strong field ligand will caused more splitting of d orbital as a result that complex will absorb light of higher frequency and shows the complementary colour
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