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26, The mass of 2.5 m of a certain lquid is 2 tonnes. It mass density is : (A) 200 kg/m (8) 400 kg/m (C)600 kg/m (D) s00 kg/m 27. Hot wire anemometer is used to measure: (A) Pressure in glass (B) Liquid discharge (C) Pressure in liquid (D) Gas velocities 28. Saving of work done and power by fitting an air vessel to double acting reciprocating pump is of the order of : (A) 39.2% (B) 49.2% (C) 68.8% (D) 84.8% 29. Liquids transmit pressure equally in all the directions. This is according to (A) Boyle's law (B) Archimedes principle (C) Pascal's law (D) None of these 30. Reynolds" number is the ratio of the inertia force to the: (A) Surface tension force (B) Viscous force (C) Gravity force (D) None of these 31. Solve: (y+2) de + (e+)dy ++ y) d=0 (A) -C (B) y-C (C) y+ yz +zx C (D) None of these
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    26-->D , 27-->D , 28-->A , 29-->C , 30-->B , 31-->C ......
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