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ACal Thermodynar 453 are lowered 025 m. At thesa What is the change in interna energy of the system? red 0-25 At the same time, 1-50 J of heat evolved from the system. (3-89 J) 25. Calculate AG for the reaction CaF,(S) Ca (aq) +2F (aq) Civen that, AG, (a,(s)) =-1162 k[/mole. AG(Ca (aq)) = -553-0 and AG (F (aq)) = -276-5 kJ/mole. Also calculate K, ror this reaction at 25°C. (56 kJ, 2 10 Ta What temperarure must magnesi1um carbonate be heated to decompose it to 2 MgO and CO, at l atm? Given: MgCOs(s) AH s MgO(s) CO(g) -1112 -601-2 -393-5 kJ A 65.9 26-9 213-7 J/K (671 K) 27. Predict the direction in which AG for the equilibriumn N.(g)+3H(g)2NH,(g); AG298-33-32 kJ will change with increase in temperature. Calculate AG at 500°C, assuming that AH and AS do not change with temperature, that is, AHgs= AH3 and AS AS793 AH=-92.38 kJ and AS=-198-2 J/K (The eqn. shifts to left with increase in temp., +60-83 k)) 1eat pump is used to draw water from a well. The temperature ot the water 1s and that of the atmosphere is 40°C. If the amount of water drawn is 10 k le depth of 12 m, calculate the amount of heat supplied to the well. from the dept (14-72 kJ)
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    First seperately find del H and del S and use the condition of spontaneity Del G<0 i.e Del H-TdelS<0 From there you find Temperature
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    sir but temperature kaise nikalna
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