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270. Asterism is a property displayed by which group of minerals? A Alumino silicates B. Olivine C. Mica D. Feldspar (BHU-2014) I have read that asterism (scattering effect similar to chatoyancy) is possible in some crystals particularly of hexagonal systems.{reference-C.Klein}.. Here Mica is always monoclinic,,,In aluminosilicates Kyanite -triclinic , sillimanite ,Andalusite-- orthorhombic,,,, in Feldspars , plagioclase-triclinic,alkali feldspars-monoclinic,triclinic ,,,,,Olivine---Orthorhombic. then No answer should be correct na??
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    It has to be Mica. No, it's just a speculation or a misleading fact that only hexagonal minerals shows asterism. Generally they are found to be containing some inclusions or fibre...
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