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28. An electric current is passed through an aqueous solution of a mixture of alanine (isoelectric point 6.0) glutamic acid (3.2) and arginine (10.7) buffered at pH 6. What is the fate of the three acids ? 1. Glutamic acid migrates to anode at pH 6. Arginine is present as a cation and migrates to the cathode. Alanine in a dipolar ion remains uniformly distributed in solution ; 2. Glutamic acid migrates to cathode and others remain uniformly distributed ;3. All three remain uniformly pH in solution distributed in solution 4. All three move to cathode. (A). 1 6a S(B).2 be (C).3 (D). 4
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    Amino acids exist as Zwitter ions which contain both positive and negative charge but overall electrically neutral. At their isoelectric point, amino acids do not migrate to any el...
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