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29 In a topological space a set is open if and only if its complement is .. set. (A) closed (B) open (C) dense (D) None of these 30. Which of the following is true 2 (A) Every pointwise convergent series is uniformly convergent. (B) Every series is convergent. (C) Every uniformly convergent series is pointwise convergent. (D) None of these 31. Derivative of constant function is (A) 0 (B) 1 (C) 2 (D) None of these 32. IfJn is a series of continuous functions on an interval [a, b] and if converges tofuniformly on [a, b], then fis.. .on [a, b]. (A) discontinuous (B) continuous (C) unbounded (D) None of these 33 The series 1 n=l is (B) convergent (A) divergent (D) None of these (C) negative term series diverges to co when: 34. The geometric series 1+r +r+... (B) 0
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