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3.7 One mole of an ideal mono-atomic gas is subjected to a cyclic process coniecting u states L, M and N as shown in the pressure temperature diagram given beloW. The hne LM passes through the origin, while MN and LN are parallel to the pressiure and temperature axes respectively. M 300 Temperature (K) 600 The correct stat ement is (R is the universal gas constant) (A) Work done along the path LM is 300R. (B) Work done along the path NL is 750R. (C) Work done along the path LM is zero. (D) Enthalpy change along the path MN is greater than zero. 3.8 Correct order of bond angle. /XOX (X - H O or E
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    Reshav....Here with increase in temperature pressure also increase....straight line...and gay lussac law states that Pressure is directly proportional to T at constant V...means V ...
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