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3. A body of mass M is kept on a rough horizontal surface (friction coetficient= . A person is trying to pull the body by applying a horizontal force but the body is not moving. The force by the surface on A is F, where (a) F= MMg (b) F= Mg (d) Mg2F2 Mg Vi -H. (c) Mg sFs Mg V1 +p
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  • Yognarayan
    okk i got it😊
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  • Ruby negi thankyou
    so when applied force is zero, Friction force is also zero and contact force is mg and when applied force applied , friction force also start acting on it and the contact force bec...
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  • Ruby negi
    sorry dear , I read question little wrong . here the question the force by surface that is contact force..
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  • Ruby negi Best Answer
    option b is correct.. because Friction force is in opposite direction of applied force and they are equal that's why object is not moving..when applied force is greater than Fricti...
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    i also thought the same... but according to HCV the answer is C..
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