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3. A river developing before development of any structure is termed as? A Superimpased river B. Antecedent river C Captured river D. Diverted river (ISM-2015 04. Retreat of glacial snout is marked by which of the following landform? B. Lateral moraine A. End moraine D. Medial moraine (ISM-2015 C. Drumlin
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  • Gurmeet singh
    please answer sir.
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  • Gurmeet singh
    what will happen when there is uplifting happen in superimposed & anticedent river
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  • Rahul kumar thankyou
    Ans: B) Antecedent river River developed before the formation of regional structure and which maintains it's channel with the development of structure is known as antecedent river...
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  • Sajan sarthak Best Answer
    Antecedent river exist before the surface relief was impressed upon the area.
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    Gurmeet singh
    can you explain, superimposed please
  • Owishi Sarkar
    The answer is B) antecedent river.
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