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3. Which of the following functions is uniformly continuous on the domain as stated? (A) fx)=r, xeR B) fx)= xe[1,) (C) flx)= tanx, x e (-z/2, r/2) (D) flx)=[xl, xe l0, 11 (x] is the greatest integer less than or equal to x)
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  • Pranav kumar Best Answer
    see the solution.
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  • Pranav kumar thankyou
    Option b is correct.
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  • Deepak singh
    only option is continuous and bounded , so option be is uniformly continuous
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    Deepak singh
    so , option b is correct
  • Priyadarshan Choursiya
    one result says ( at your level) if a function and bounded then it is uniformly continuous here a , c are unbounded but continuous d is discontinued at 1 only b is continuous and b...
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