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31. The clectric field in thex-y plane is given by E =i8x-j4y. Then equation for the lines of force is given by (a) xy' constant (b) xy= constant (c) x*+y= constant (d) xy=constant H.C.U-2015] In the labaraton faur naint charaec LO 0HO Oare nlaced at the faur endc afa lhariznatal sauare af
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  • Bidyut sinha
    check my second picture that I have sent to you for clarification..there I have explained that if you consider a general equation of ELECTRIC FIELD such as E= Ex i cap+Ey j cap......
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  • Bidyut sinha
    please see the attached picture
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  • Bidyut sinha thankyou
    I have given detail Explanation in the attached picture.Answer is xy^2= constant
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    I couldn't understand how dy/dX=Ey/Ex
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