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.34 A northerly dipping fault (F-F) has displaced beds P, Q and R. The thickness of the beds across the fault is same. Identify the fault type(s). Map view 1. /P/a/R/North Block F F /P/a/R South Block (A) Dextral fault (C) Normal fault B) Reverse fault O) Sinistral fault
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  • Rahul pandey
    In case of Normal Fault or, Dextral faulting the final pattern will be as shown in the picture below. Sinistral Fault and reverse Fault will produce common pattern (shown in questi...
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    Answer: Reverse or Sinistral fault As you can see that the northern block (Hanging wall) is showing that the stratal position has shifted towards left. This can occur in two condi...
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    Gurmeet singh
    what uf it is sinistral & normal fault...then erosion occurs and....the same structure may form as given.