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35. If a series Jn converges uniformly to f on [a, b], and each ter J,) erm J,) integrable on [a, b], then fis . . on la, b]. (A) not integrable (B) integrable (C) unbounded (D) None of these 36. Which of the following is known as Gamma function ? (A) de (B) edr (C) e de (D) None of these 37. Iffand g are bounded and integrable functions on [a, b] such thatj 2g, then: ()d- sd 8 dr g dr (D) None of these 38. Finded (A) e+e" (B) e-2e (C)e- (D) None of these 39. Let fbe an integrable function over [a, b] and m be the lower bound of f in [a, E then (A)fdx Sm (b- a) (B) f dx 2m(b- a) (C)fde = m(b- a) (D) None of these E(H-3)-MAT(5) (10)
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