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36. The diferential cquation of the form: is: (A) Exact (8) Homogencous (C) Non-bomogeneous (D) Lincar 37. The slope at a point of the curve is equal to the ordinate of the point. If the curve passes through the point (0, 1), then the equation of the curve is : (A) y- (B) y- (C)-1+x (D)y-1+2x 38. The angle between the radius vector and the tangent at a given point on the curve is constant. Then the curve is a: (A) Circle (8) Ellipse (C) Cardioid (D) Equiangular spiral 39. Ify= Ae Be, thenis: (B)-4y (A) 4y (D)-2y (C) 2 fy -A cos 2r+ B sin 2x, thenis: (A) 2y (B)-2y (D)-4y (C) 4y
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    36-->B, 37-->A, 38-->A, 39-->A, 40-->D .....
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