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36 (vil) The Integral of A Binomial Differential are constants not equal to zero. The integral x (a+bx"P dx A binomial differential is a differential of the form xm (a + bxn)P dx where m, n, peQand a, b is expressible in terms of elementary functions in the following three cases Case 1: (i) If p e N then expand by the formula of Newton Binomial. (i) If p < 0, then we put x = t where k is the common denominator of the fractions m and n. Case 2: If = Integer then we put a + bx = t where a is the denominator of the fraction p. Case 2: If+1 n
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    this is another standard form, whenever you see such kind of problem you can solve them by following cases. but according to me you solve these problems by earlier methods which y...
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