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37 which of the following environments is/are characterized by predominant deposit of mud? (b) lagoon d) fluvial channel (a) barrier bar Ç) fluvial flood plain

37 Which of the following environments is/are characterized by predominant deposit of mud? (B) Lagoon D) Fluvial channel (A) Barrier bar Ç) Fluvial flood plain

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    Saurabh 1

    Yes gurmeet you are right, but in flood plain not in fluvial channel as you might have seen channel lag system associated with the clast imbrication in case of clast supported conglomerate in fluvial .


    flood plain are also formed by high Energy.? i guess


    Flood plain are flat land area normally lying adjacent to a stream, composed of unconsolidated sedimentary deposits (alluvium) majorly. So i would say variable flow would be more precise, though sediments like silt and sand can be found with clay.

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    Saurabh 1 Best Answer

    Correct answer would be (B) and (C). Lagoons are Lagoons are small bodies of seawater located inland from the shore or isolated by another geographic feature, such as a reef or barrier island. Because they are protected from the action of tides, currents, and waves, lagoon environments typically have very fine-grained sediments(predominantly mud is found on a prominent scale). Fluvial flood plain also consist of unconsolidated sediments and if one consider the fluvial deposits , they consist of sand and gravel grain size and also mud in floodplain deposits of meandering systems. So in all floodplain can also have mud and they have a high fertility when it comes to vegetation. Mud is basically composed of cohesive clay mixed with silt and fine sand sized sediments, depending on sediment supply.It is transported high up the banks during floods and forms a cohesive sediment on the flood- plain.

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    Sajan sarthak

    Mud deposition is typically in protected, low energy environments such as estuaries and lagoons that also have an influx of dominantly fine-grained sediments. LAGOON IS THE ANSWER


    msq hai sir....ans is b&c. please comment on each option. i understood lagoon.


    I was also thinking of C too.. flood plain is also a part of river overbank flooded area where the settlement of fine grained sediment happens due to after flood calm environment.


    sir fluival channel me bhi toh mud ho skti hai.


    & barrier bar bhi toh lagoon bnata hai.... which may also be of mud i.e fine sediments


    Nahi fluvial pe coarse grained banega and also in braided sediments. energy high rahta he


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