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4 Hydrolysis of 15.45 g of benzonitrile producted 10.98 g of benzoic acid. The percentage yield of aci1d formed is 5 Acetic acid content in commercial vinegar was analyzed by titrating against 1.5 M NaOH solution. A 20 mL vinegar sample required 18 mL of titrant to give end point. The concentration of acetic acid in the vinegar (in mol L) is according to the cquation 2N,0s(9) 4NO:() + O:(g). If the final pressure in the flask is 0.5 atm, then the partial pressure of O(g) in atm is 6. A 10 L flask containing 10.8 g of NO5 is heated to 373 K, which leads to its decomposition Given: R=0.0821 L atm K mol 7 The amount of bromine (atomic wt. = 80) required (in gram) for the estimation of 42.3 g of phenol (molecular wt, = 94g mol) is
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    find the attached file
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    ques 4
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    This you got na ??
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