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41 An ensemble of identical harmonic oscillators with a Hamiltonian H2 have energies between E and E AE. If the oscillators are initially, uniformly distributed in the phase space then which of the following is false? (a) More particles are at the maximum amplitude than at the origin (b) The mean displacement is zero (c) Mean kinetic energy is equal to the mean potential energy (d) More particles are at the origin than at maximum amplitude
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  • Rohit kumar gupta thankyou
    because every system want to be in its ground state for stability
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  • Isha lohan
    i have doubt particularly in option A and D. Where will particles be more, At origin or At maximum amplitude?
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  • Rohit kumar gupta
    Option (a) is false the mean displacement will be zero for ununiformly distributed oscillator and mean kinetic energy is equal to mean potential energy. Particle will more origi...
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    Isha lohan
    how do we know that particle will be more at origin?